EADV 2021 Highlights

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Welcome to the EADV 2021 Highlights!

This year’s EADV congress marks 30 years of outstanding science in the field of dermatology. On this website you will find an exclusive selection of content from some of the most exciting presentations given this year. Here’s what you’ll find:

Watch exclusive interviews with the EADV Faculty speakers, published daily during the meeting.
Don’t miss the full highlights program with conference summaries, posters, presentations with expert opinions from international experts.

EADV Leadership Interviews

Watch the interviews with the EADV Leadership. Learn about EADV’s strategic activities and goals.
What are your goals as EADV President and how are you proceeding to reach them?
How has the EADV mission evolved in recent years?
How has the overall EADV strategy changed as a result of the pandemic? What does the future hold?
What initiatives have been organized to celebrate the EADV 30th Congress?
What work is the EADV Leadership doing to advance the field of dermatology and why is this important?
What are some of the key advantages of being a member of the EADV?
What advice would you give to people who want to get involved with the EADV?
What did you like the most from the 2021 virtual congress?

EADV Faculty Interviews

Learn from some of the international experts who contributed to EADV’s 30th congress.
Emerging priorities for microbiome research
What is the most important advance in our understanding of how microbes interact with humans?
How does the microbiome influence health?
How can this information be used to develop new treatment options for skin diseases?
What current research do you think will deliver the next generation of treatments?
The role of senescence in health and disease
What is senescence?
What role does it play in normal biology?
How does senescence affect fibrotic diseases?
Are there any therapies that address senescence in disease?
Atopic dermatitis and biologics after 5 years: Where are we?
Traditionally, what options have there been for atopic dermatitis? How has this changed?
What has driven this revolution in the field?
What new therapies are in development?
What does the future hold in the treatment of AD?
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Expert Overviews

Expert Overviews on some of the most important sessions and data presented during the EADV congress.
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Missed the full presentation? Read at-a-glance summaries from a selection of oral presentations presented this year. Don’t forget to download the slide kits!
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Browse and download a selection of the most interesting posters presented this year.
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